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Our service is not tangible. You must experience it. After all, “competence” and “reliability” is the philosophy by which we live every day. We deploy all our know-how and experience when it comes to implementing your visions. At the same time we are transparent, honest and sincere. You can count on us.

Information technology

Secure IT: We give expert advice on how to structure and reconstruct as well as set up working IT solutions. It is our business to define stable hardware strategies and find software solutions for connecting systems. Our goal: More speed, more efficiency and especially more security for your data processing.

Control systems engineering

Measuring, controlling and regulating: Since more than 30 years we have been successfully dealing with controlling and regulating systems for stand-alone devices and industrial installations in the field of automation technology. We are specialized in the design of complex operational sequences. From project launch to productive operation we focus especially on the interfaces to adjacent processes. Our portfolio includes consulting services, customer-specific software and the suitable hardware, as well as support and service after completion of the project.

... because we want to set things in motion for you!